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The Jane

If you hail from Chicago, you know that there is nothing u201csecondu201d about this city. And yes, you do get a little defensive about it. Maybe itu2019s not the first thing everybody brags about, but we are totally willing to boast wherever and whenever we can, so u201chome of the first woman to win the Nobel peace prize,u201d is a title we happily embrace. In an era when women were not even supposed to understand the consequences of voting, Jane Addams was traveling the world, constructing complex social-political theories, and founding Hull House, an exemplar of charity and social reform. All while being a classy, elegant, and well-loved lady. Which is exactly why we na med this swooping masterpiece of metalwork after the lovely and refined Ms. Addams. Jane gracefully bridges the gap between the ultra-intense, 365-days-a-year cyclists and those of us who want to ride even on days weu2019ve got our petticoats on.