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Brooks Colt Saddle
Brooks Colt Saddle
Brooks Colt Saddle

Brooks - Colt Saddle

First produced in 1979, the Colt became famous among Brooks fans for its strength and durability. The Colt was discontinued amidst mysterious circumstances a few years ago, but still remains a common sight on roads and avenues around the globe, a testament to its aforementioned qualities. Oddly many a Colt found its home atop BMX bicycles during this time, an unusual deployment for a Brooks saddle, but certainly not inappropriate.

Today the Colt appeals to a new generation already romanced by the 80's retro look, and has been re-introduced in colours that appeal to this younger, style-conscious demographic. The vibrant colours are achieved through natural vegetable dyes, as are all leathers in the Brooks product line.

Made in England.


Length: 273 mm

Width: 156 mm

Height: 70 mm

Weight: 530 g

Frame: Steel