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Coffee Catering and Service



Heritage Coffee and Catering service is a welcomed amenity at your special event or an appreciated reward at your office. No matter the setting, Heritage always brings high-end coffee, unique treats, and exceptional service.

Heritage coffee services can be as small as a single airpot, or we can bring in a whole slow bar set-up and a full-size espresso machine set up. We pride ourselves in our ability to bring the aesthetic and feel of our coffee shops any place we are serving coffee.




Coffee & Hot Beverages

Item 8 - 10 Servings 60 - 70 Servings
Hot Coffee $25 $150
Iced Coffee $25 $150
Hot Chocolate $25 $150


Other Beverages

Cider - locally sourced $15/gallon
Lemonade - House-made $20/gallon
Iced Tea - Southern Style Black Tea $20/gallon



Flavored Syrups - House-made (lavender, vanilla, hazelnut) $15/quart
Hot Coffee Supplies (cups, lids, stirs, cream, sugar, napkins) $20 per 50 servings
Iced Coffee Supplies (cups, lids, straws, cream, syrup, napkins) $25 per 50 servings
Ice (20 pound minimum) $25 for 20 pounds



Donuts (mixed variety) $24/dozen
Cookies $30/dozen
Biscotti $30/dozen
Bang Bang Pie - Seasonal Pies $30/pie


Would you like delicious Heritage coffee served at your event or party? Do you have questions about the process? Fill our the form below, and a friendly Heritage staff member can send you a quote.

Heritage Coffee Catering