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June 5th, 2013


We’ve spent all winter figuring out how to make buying a bike almost as fun as riding a bike.  Now we’re unveiling all the neat tricks we’ve been keeping up our sleeves.  The Heritage bike-building experience has always been unique, and focused on personalization, but now not only can you join us in the shop for the one-on-one mechanic customization process, you can also design your dream bike at home.  Visit our website to explore all the exciting options from color changes to accessories.  And for your trouble, treat yourself to a free paint job when you buy a bike any time in the next month.



Aside from all the usual awesomeness of bikes, and coffee, our summer calendar is full-to-bursting with extra events.  Be aware that we are showing movies on the patio every other Friday night!  Bring a friend, bring some booze, kick back and watch some of our favorite movies with us.  (Next Friday, June 14th, will be The Muppet Movie, which promises to be hilarious.)


Thursday, June 6th, We/Or/Me will be playing live acoustic music at 8 pm.  Nothing better than supporting local musicians, drinking beer, and watching the sunset in Chicago’s brightest cafe.


Saturday, June 8th, Heritage will be supporting the Northside’s community arts efforts by caffeinating and donut-ing the Uptown/Edgewater hordes at Pivot Arts’ outdoor festival.  Join us, Dimo’s Pizza, Goose Island, and Mucca Pazza (Chicago’s only 28-piece punk marching band) for good food, and good company between noon and 8 pm at 1050 W. Wilson.  Daytime festivities will include activities for kids and music by other local performers.  Nighttime will see Goose Island move inside to bartend Mucca Pazza’s sure-to-be stellar show.


Watch facebook for updates on the schedule of pop-up retailers hosted in the honest-to-goodness remodeled vintage  bus that lives on the Heritage patio.  Already in line are the Oak Street Bootmakers (June 8th, and 9th), Lost Girls Vintage (June 15th), and Dethrose Vintage (June 16th).  #metro pop-up


We’re here to host the best summer we possibly can.  It’s been a long time coming.  Let’s do it right.

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