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Introducing Heritage Littles!


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The Heritage brand is built on our own life experiences, and thus it’s only natural that our company grows along with our family. We have a toddler, and we thought hard about what we’d like his first bike to look like. Then we went out and designed it.

We wanted something functional, yet fun. And we also wanted the bike to be a sensible purchase, one that could grow with the child – too often “must have” items for kids are in storage within months. Imagine your child riding around a college campus on a perfectly worn bicycle seat he or she’s had for more than a decade. With the Brooks seat (or grips), this is entirely possible.

And we also wanted this bike to be worth saving and passing down for generations. Combine all these desires, and – poof – you have Heritage Littles.

(OK, so that’s an exaggeration. It was hardly “poof.”  The Heritage Littles line was made possible only through our amazing team of bike mechanics, designers, the extended Heritage family and our combined sweat and tears.)

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