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The Chief - Legacy Edition

Heritage Bicycles is proud to introduce The Chief – Legacy Edition, a fully-loaded, take no prisoners road bike. We went nuts on the all componentry. The cranks, chain, stem, seatpost, you name it. Everything down to the bolts and bearings has received the type of attention that would make Swiss Watches jealous.

The frames are hand-picked (we literally said “yes,”, “yes”, “no”, “yes”…) and produced with the highest standard of quality to give you the best ride and style. The Chief Legacy sports Oxblood Red powder coating, walnut wenge fenders, an aged brown Brooks leather saddle, and Brooks grips. (We were feeeling inspired by the season when designing this color pallette.)

Be ready-to-ride with a 2-speed kickshift hub and a cableless shift system that discreetly harnesses the power necessary to fly up hills and mash past the slow pokes. Rim brakes provide the ability to stop on a dime, custom wooden fenders to keep you dry, and painted-to-match front & rear racks. There is a small chance we may be a bit biased, but The Chief – Legacy Edition is truly a beautiful bicycle, our finest piece of craftsmanship to date, and worthy of being passed down for generations.

American Made Bicycle Chicago Fall The Chief

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