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Sawako Furuno - Helmets In Stock Now!



We all know safety and style don't always go hand-in-hand but thankfully Japanese designer and architect Sawako Furuno has produced a line of helmets to keep you looking and feeling good on the bike. Sawako is "Passionate about design, style and fashion, Sawako Furuno creates beautiful yet essential helmets to accompany stylish cyclists on their daily adventures". Bold textiles and classic prints are chic enough to turn-heads while protecting yours.

The helmets are EN1078 and CSPC certified so you can ride with confidence.  These lightweight helmets feature 11 air vents to keep a cool head while traversing the bike-lane. Quick fit adjustable dial fits most adults and makes it easy to fit different hair-styles or even a winter cap underneath. They now offer a smaller size incase their one-size-fits-most doesn't include you. Also featuring a great new winter accessory - the ear pad! These thick fleece lined ear pads attach to the straps and integrate perfectly with the helmet. This will keep you warm and enjoying the ride.


Don't wait to think about it because we are only bringing these in for a limited time. Sawako Furuno features small runs of unique styles, only available until they sell-out. Check them out!



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