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Let Them Eat Goat—Little Goat, That Is

...Little Goat, That Is.

Some things just feel right together. That’s why we jumped at the chance to team up with Stephanie Izard and her esteemed crew over at Little Goat Bread, the bakery within Little Goat. Starting this Friday, November 8, Heritage will be offering a variety of Little Goat fare, delivered fresh every morning. We’re talking everything from straight-up classics like cinnamon rolls, toasty bagels, and peanut butter sammys to the more decadent, bizarre, and wonderful, such as caramel mini cakes, white chocolate rosemary scones, and fat bread (made with smoked duck fat and beer—yes, you read that right and yes, you may have some).

So, beginning this Friday, be sure to drop by and check out our new Little Goat selections. Grab a seasonal special, like peanut butter raisin bread slathered in your favorite sweet or savory topping. Paired with your favorite coffee, the always-entertaining barista banter, and those brilliant south-facing windows, nothing about this relationship could ever feel wrong.
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