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Brenna Kail - Heritage's New Coffee Director

We are excited to announce that Brenna Kail has joined the Heritage team as our Coffee Director.  With our ever growing popularity amongst locals and tourists, compounded by our aggressive growth in the Chicago market [4-5 new shops in 18 months], we did not want to overlook anything, or make a misstep, as so many growing businesses do. Brenna has joined the Heritage family in order to keep our coffee program at its high standard, and to make sure every cup of coffee is served with the quality and consistency you have grown to appreciate and expect.

Here is Brenna in her own words:

"I would argue that my true coffee career began as a barista with Intelligentsia Coffee in the fall of 2009. Even though in my younger years I had a brief stint with Starbucks, my appreciation and interest for coffee was delayed for a bit.

I spent eight years after college building my management portfolio. I applied what I had studied at Kent State University and then what I was learning along the way to mold my management style. 

Finally I made it back to coffee. However, this time it was going to be much different. During my six years with Intelligentsia, I completed their barista training program, I was a Retail Manager for three years and a Green Coffee Buyer for two harvests. I've spent time in Honduras with producers on their coffee farms, wet mills and dry mills. Visiting origin really allowed me to see that coffee is a labor of love and an industry of which I'm proud.

In addition to these positions, I was asked to be on the opening teams for three new coffeebars. During that time I did several weeks of hands-on training for managers and staff. I was also a barista competitor for two seasons at SCAA's Barista Championship. These experiences allowed me to travel and to expand my knowledge of what coffee means throughout the nation.

No matter which industry it was, I focused on the intentions of the business and the positive results that can come from hard work. So naturally I admire Heritage for its desire to expand and its drive to create a family culture. I'm so happy to begin working with you and to meet all of the people who help keep these values alive."

Feel free to contact Brenna - 

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