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As we do...

Apologies for the radio silence, but as you could guess we've been racing our butts off.




Thanks to Jen Ferguson and Laura Sheilds for the fine camera work.

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The Pain of Cyclocross at Dan Ryan Woods

Bike racing is hard, but that's why we do it. The magic of sport comes from testing your body's physical limit, coupled with that pesky question of why you seek that challenge and suffering time and time again. We may not be able to answer the existential stuff, but we love the visceral feeling found in the experience. Special thanks to Ronit BezalelJasmin Shah, and Matthew Gilson for capturing some of the best pain faces in Chicago cyclocross. 





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A Short Film About Cylcocross

@baileygenenew and @grocerystorebar put on a good show. #hopkinscx

A video posted by @heritage_race_club on

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Heritage Farmhaus ‘Cross

While new World Champions were being crowned in the Old Dominion, some 800 miles northwest a different breed of two wheeled competition ensued. Heritage Farmhaus ‘Cross sought a return to the sports domestic infancy, where weekend warriors reigned and cheap beer was the recovery drink of choice. 
In its inaugural running, the invitational event saw nearly 70 riders attack the pastoral course; weaving through gardens, darting between tree groves, and paying the toll through the eponymous Malort-cut. A genuine mud, sweat, and beers event in the truest sense.  
When the dust settled, we collectively raised $500 for Blackstone Bike Works, while rediscovering the most important elements of bike racing; friends & fun. Can’t wait until next year! 
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What We Did On Our Summer Vacation

Simply put, we rode our bikes. It was a summer to rediscover why we love riding bicycles. The pain, the joy, and the freedom of an open road on two wheels.

Mountain tops, red rocks, and national parks in Utah; canyons, dirt climbs, and cruising around Silver Lake in Los Angeles; Flagstaff, Chapman Dr., and Lickskillet in Colorado; mountain bikes, beer, and grit in Michigan; and gravel, lots of gravel, in almost every corner of Illinois and Missouri. Oh yeah, and Dave raced some crits too.




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