At Heritage, we believe in community, whether thats through bike rides, a meal, or coffee.

We are taking day by day and have found a creative way to continue to serve our community and foster that sense of togetherness.

We’ve started an initiative for our customers to donate coffee & food delivery to essential workers in Chicago, as an act of gratitude for the hard work they are putting in every day to keep us safe.

Let's help them feel that sense of community and together say thank you.

We're All In This Together

Whats Your Message?

We know there is a lot of uncertainty, and the world can seem so intimidating right now, but we wanted to let everyone know that "We're all in this together". Our friends at @rightwaysigns helped us start this mural and we are asking you to finish it. What's your message Chicago? 🎥 @postegolden

Whats Your Message?

Book Your Bike Service Online

We're still up and running for bike services. Please book your bike service online ahead of time so we can properly give you the time and SPACE needed.