Yakkay Helmet Covers


Brand Yakkay

We’re not surprised to hear that you, too, hate having to wear a bike helmet.  From the time you were a kid, trying to convince Mom your “I forgot it at home, but I didn’t mean to, really!” story was true, no matter how many cartoon characters they printed on it, that helmet was a bummer and a half.  And up until now everybody scoffed when you argued there was no reason helmets had to be bulky and ugly and make you dread wearing them.

That’s where Yakkay, with its non-traditional, sometimes playful, sometimes elegant, but always on-point practical “Smart Two,” swoops in and saves the day.  Now you are an equestrian, now a prep-school jockey, now a vision in floral, now as warm as a polar bear.  Enjoy your trailblazing- leave the road in pieces behind you and carry that warm, fuzzy feeling everywhere with you knowing you’re setting the standard for safety in style.  We know you’re never supposed to judge by the cover, but sometimes you just can’t help it.  Swap it out, change it up, stay smart, and ride beautiful.  

Certified: European: EN1078 and US: CSPC (USA)