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Brand Trophy Club

This is a great bike rack for storage. This features 2 drawers, and your bike rests on top. Perfect to stay professional and organized. Your choice of stain.

 Trophy Club started out of necessity. I've lived in many city apartments where there just wasn't enough storage or a good place for bikes, and as a result, living rooms and kitchens would be cluttered with mine and my roommates' bikes. So, a few years ago I came up with these wall-mounted wooden bike racks as a way to organize my space and get the bikes up and out of the way. I wanted the bike racks to be both a practical, functional storage solution and a cool way to display bikes, so I added unique features like drawers and lights. I made a few for myself and after a while all my friends were asking for them.  Then, all their friends were asking for them, so I decided I was going to leave my job to do something I love and try and get these out to the world.

These bike racks work best on bikes with a straight top frame tube and a handle bar width from 14" to 26". All the racks are custom made-to-order, so your bike will hang properly.  You will also have the option of choosing your stain color and drawer pulls.  The bike racks with "windows" are made so that you can slide in and out the artwork and insert your own.

I hope that you will find my bike racks to be a great way to proudly display your bikes on the wall like the trophies that they are!

Cheers, Eric

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