The Goblin - Signature Series


Brand Heritage Bicycles

Stanridge Cycles

Adam Eldridge: "I really took inspiration from the Schwinn's of the 50's and 60's. Timeless, clean design is what you'll see. This frame will look relevant in 30 years. It's not a trend driven frame. The upright geometry allows for the feet to be placed flat on the ground. The geometry allows the rider to look straight ahead without bending the neck. The chain guard lettering is done by hand. I want to keep the lost art of hand lettering alive! Every chain guard will be different as we feel most new chain guards to be flimsy, boring and not representative of the Goblins price point."

True Temper lightweight steel
Stainless hand polished fork crown
Stainless Script brazed by hand to the Downtube
Base coat / Clear Coat 4 paint coat process
Hand-built lightweight heels
Sturmey Archer 2-speed kickback hub shifting
Vintage, locally-sourced chain guards
Brooks Professional saddle
• Alloy cruiser bars
• Vintage-inspired rubber pistol grips
• Fast-rolling 700c x 35 tires
Smooth aluminum full coverage fenders