Bike Locks

Locking your bike is like outrunning a bear, you don't have to be the most-locked bike on the streets, just locked better than the bike next to yours.

Bike theft is an ongoing problem in America but it doesn't have to be. You can confidently park your bike without fear of theft if your bike is locked properly with a quality lock. Abus has been manufacturing innovative security solutions in Germany for nearly a century Known for "security built on quality", Abus is recognized as an industry leader in the bike-lock business for their reliability, affordability, and diverse product range.

Choosing the right lock for your needs:

U-locks are the classic, tried and true tool for locking your bike. Police departments and insurance companies recommend u-locks for their proven security and solid materials. They are extremely durable, and offer the most security for the dollar. Abus' u-locks all come with two shackles in the lock bar, which makes for a more secure lock, unlike the single-shackle designs from other lock companies. Abus, as an industry leader, offers the only u-locks on the market that resist against shattering when flash-frozen, which is a fairly new theft technique.

If you need something a bit more portable, foldable locks are the way to go. The Abus Bordo revolutionized the bike lock making it incredibly convenient to carry and lock your bike. Creating a new lock category in the process, Abus designed a lock that unfolds and swivels at its joints, giving plenty of room to get your bike and the bike-rack. The Bordo comes with a convenient carrying-case that can mount to your bike or neatly pack-away.

Cable locks are the perfect lock for a quick trip to the store in a low-risk area or for protecting accessories on your bike. A cable lock can be threaded through seats, racks, wheels, helmets or almost whatever you want to keep safe on the bike. If you don't have a solid place to lock your bike in the garage wall and floor anchors provide something solid to keep your bike in place.

No matter what your lock needs, Heritage has the Abus lock to keep your bike safe.