Happy 3 Years to Us!...or, um, you?!

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Instagram Giveaway

To celebrate our new location -- #heritageoutpost -- and our 3 year anniversary at Heritage Bicycles, we decided it’s a great time to give away a free bike! On Instagram, post a picture of “What do bikes and/or coffee culture mean to me?” The image with the most likes will win the free bike. To be eligible, mention @heritagebicycle AND use the hashtag#3YearHeritage. Contest ends Jan 31st at midnight.

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Customize your "Joy Ride"

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Starring Jabowen Dixon
Director: Philip Giancola (
Producer: Carol Kim

Cinematography: Taylor Frontier 

Camera Operator: Alex Donnelly
Grading: Dane Maddock

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Sawako Furuno - Helmets In Stock Now!

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We all know safety and style don't always go hand-in-hand but thankfully Japanese designer and architect Sawako Furuno has produced a line of helmets to keep you looking and feeling good on the bike. Sawako is "Passionate about design, style and fashion, Sawako Furuno creates beautiful yet essential helmets to accompany stylish cyclists on their daily adventures". Bold textiles and classic prints are chic enough to turn-heads while protecting yours.

The helmets are EN1078 and CSPC certified so you can ride with confidence.  These lightweight helmets feature 11 air vents to keep a cool head while traversing the bike-lane. Quick fit adjustable dial fits most adults and makes it easy to fit different hair-styles or even a winter cap underneath. They now offer a smaller size incase their one-size-fits-most doesn't include you. Also featuring a great new winter accessory - the ear pad! These thick fleece lined ear pads attach to the straps and integrate perfectly with the helmet. This will keep you warm and enjoying the ride.


Don't wait to think about it because we are only bringing these in for a limited time. Sawako Furuno features small runs of unique styles, only available until they sell-out. Check them out!



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Introducing the Gaucho, Every Urban Rider’s Dream Bike

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Stinner x Heritage | The Guacho


Say hello to the newest member of our Signature Series, the Gaucho. Every year, we collaborate with a framebuilder who we think can perfectly blend his/her aesthetic with the Heritage ethos. This year’s collab spotlights Aaron Stinner of Stinner Frameworks. When we told him we wanted him to create a cruiser in his unique Stinner style, he was happy to oblige—and together we created something that both perfectly represented him but was also totally original and outside of his normal body of work.

Thus the cruiser/mountain bike mash-up was born.

“Inspired by the 1969 Suzuki 500cc motorcycle of the same name (and because I went to UCSB, whose sports teams are the Gauchos), this is a bicycle to take out to the lakefront for adventure, with no regard to the limitations of gravel. With cruiser geometry and mountain bike characteristics, this bike was designed around the 29-inch wheel platform, has room for 2.5-inch cruiser tires, has cable actuated disc brakes, a relaxed front end, and handles speed well. A modern design that is sure to never go out of style, this is a one of a kind, ‘do-all’ bike.” 
—Aaron Stinner of Stinner Frameworks

The Gaucho will be exclusively available through Heritage, made to order to suit the individual customer’s size and customization requests. Each one will be hand-built in Santa Barbara by Aaron himself, and assembled at Heritage in Chicago. Time is limited on these bikes so we suggest taking action quickly.


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The Small Chief Just Got Smaller

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We’ve made tremendous improvements to our frames over the past couple of years—a tweak here, a refinement there—and we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our ability to respond to customer feedback.

Today we are pleased to announce that we’re changing the size options for the Chief. We have heard from many of you that our base model was still too big, and so we are now starting our small Chief at 53 cm, which would fit someone between 5’3” and 5’8”.

One advantage to locally handcrafting our bikes is the constant coordination between the mechanics, bike ops, and welders. We’re thrilled to be able to respond to our customers’ needs quickly to make the Chief even more customizable.

Upcoming Events

5/2 - Music Night ft. Red Rice N' Beans
5/6 - Heritage Cycling Club Ride @ 6pm
5/7 - An Afternoon of Music w/ Jordan Klassen
5/10 - #metro pop-up ft. Antwique Shop
5/11 - Field & Florist Mother's Day Flower Shoppe Pop Up
5/13 - Heritage Cycling Club Ride @ 6pm
5/15 - Songwriters Series
5/18 - #heritagelittles Ladies Clothing Swap
5/20 - Heritage Cycling Club Ride @ 6pm

* #heritagelittles @ 2868 N Lincoln Ave

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