Heads Up: We're About to Get Busy

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Summer is just around the corner, and you are going to want to break out your new ride at the first hint of sunshine.
Well, you are not alone.
By which we mean EVERYONE is going to be ordering bikes come late April, and we expect the influx to steadily continue through May. Because all of our bikes are made in-house, we normally have a 3-4 week turnaround time. Production will undoubtedly back up due to increased ordering, so make sure you plan ahead.
In the era of instant updates, on demand, and impulse buys, the thought of having to wait for something seems completely unbelievable, or even the result of poor customer service. But, some things take time to perfect and are worth waiting for. That’s why we’re giving you fair warning to place your order sooner rather than later.
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Introducing The Jane

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Introducing The Jane


There are those who are wrapping up their holiday checklists long before Thanksgiving even rolls around and those who worship the overnight shipping button. Well, Heritage is here to please all types with the pre-Thanksgiving unveiling of our new stunning frame, the Jane. The Jane is dolled up and has places to go with her colorful wire basket, elegant swoop frame and upgraded components. Even though she stands out with her punch of color, she matches the rest of our locally handcrafted Heritage bikes in quality. The days are getting shorter and colder so why not bring some colorful hope for Spring ahead and gift the lady in your life with The Jane.

Or you could always buy her another pair of socks.

Available in 5 different colors:

Get one of the 20 pre-made bikes before the holidays!

Celebrate Your Heritage This Holiday Season

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Let Them Eat Goat—Little Goat, That Is

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...Little Goat, That Is.

Some things just feel right together. That’s why we jumped at the chance to team up with Stephanie Izard and her esteemed crew over at Little Goat Bread, the bakery within Little Goat. Starting this Friday, November 8, Heritage will be offering a variety of Little Goat fare, delivered fresh every morning. We’re talking everything from straight-up classics like cinnamon rolls, toasty bagels, and peanut butter sammys to the more decadent, bizarre, and wonderful, such as caramel mini cakes, white chocolate rosemary scones, and fat bread (made with smoked duck fat and beer—yes, you read that right and yes, you may have some).

So, beginning this Friday, be sure to drop by and check out our new Little Goat selections. Grab a seasonal special, like peanut butter raisin bread slathered in your favorite sweet or savory topping. Paired with your favorite coffee, the always-entertaining barista banter, and those brilliant south-facing windows, nothing about this relationship could ever feel wrong.

A Big Space, Just For The Littles!

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The Heritage duo, Michael and Melissa Salvatore, are continuing their trend of opening multi-function shops. Just down the street from Heritage General Store—where you can pick up your morning coffee, get your bike tuned up, purchase a custom-made bicycle, and catch a movie on a Friday night—you will find the couple focusing on the little ones with Heritage Littles and A Little Photo Studio.

Heritage Littles is a children’s line of toys and wheels designed and produced right here in Chicago. The starting lineup includes a balance bike, wagon, and teepee, accompanied by carefully selected unique kids’ bicycles and bicycle accessories. Littles will share a space with A Little Photo Studio, where Melissa will utilize her degree in photography and her 15 years of experience documenting children and families. The dividing line between the two businesses is none other than a milk n’ cookies bar featuring cookies from Stephanie Izard of the Little Goat Diner. (Need we really say more?)

The creativity and fun doesn’t stop there: in the same space you will also find Smilebooth’spermanent resting spot between events and parties, and you can come snap a selfie against a revolving designed backdrop. Downstairs, you will also find another husband-and-wife team at the helm of AveryHouse, a photography studio that has been capturing important events and milestones for over a decade.

This is a lot to soak in, trust us, we know! To celebrate this new collective space, we invite you to join us during our week of opening events: #lincolncollective

Saturday, October 26: 9am–1pm

Complimentary Halloween costume photoshoots by Melissa Salvatore of A Little Photo Studio.
Come by our new space for the OPENING DAY! You can bring your little ones in costume before or during the “Blue Park” Halloween festivities at the LakeView Park on the corner of Lakewood and Lincoln.

Sunday, October 27: 10am–2pm

Land of Nod is hosting Arts & Crafts for anyone to come in, and get creative! Then take a snap with Smilebooth to memorialize the art!    

Monday, October 28: 4pm-6pm

DIY-Cookie Decorating Bar (It will be tasty!)

Tuesday, October 29: 4pm–8pm:

AveryHouse Open House for brides and grooms-to-be to take a sneak peek and meet the photographers while chowing down on some coffee & donuts

Opening Party

Wednesday, October 30

Facebook RSVP
Heritage Littles/A Little Photo Studio

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