Why combine bikes and coffee? There’s more in common than you’d think. Both are accessible throughout the world, whether you live in Manhattan or Mongolia. Both appeal to people of all backgrounds, transcending socioeconomic status, religion, and race. Both have die-hard fans willing to debate the finer points of each. And even though money can’t technically buy happiness, we consider a lazy summer bike ride and an expertly poured cup of coffee our personal nirvana. So we think a better question would be, why not combine bikes and coffee?


Our bicycles are hand-welded, painted, and assembled to your specifications right here in Chicago. We don’t just preach locally made, we live it. We also strive for a one-of-a-kind experience during the building process. The bespoke nature of our manufacturing allows for a stronger connection between bike and rider. We want you to care about your bike as much as we do. Remember when you first learned to ride a bike? Remember the first time you stayed up after your training wheels came off? We want you to relive that sensation every time you hop on your Heritage bike—that feeling of being a kid without a care in the world.


We also make a pretty incredible cup of coffee. We partnered with a local roaster to ensure that Heritage-brand coffee is roasted and brewed to perfection, however you take your joe. While our flagship General Store is where you can walk in for a caffeine fix and walk out with a locally handcrafted custom bicycle, we also have several Heritage Outposts, which are straight coffee shops. At the Outposts, we’ll make your drink exactly how you like it, but you won’t be able to watch arguably Chicago’s best bike engineers build and service bicycles!


Heritage would be nothing without its community. That’s why we sponsor several cycling teams and host pop-ups for local businesses. During the summer we screen weekly movie nights and encourage all neighbors and customers to come mingle before and after. We strive to make Heritage your home away from home. We hope you can visit us soon.