Custom Bicycles

Bicycles simply aren't a mode of transportation, they are a way of life. There's a reason the saying, “It’s like riding a bike” is ageless. Bicycling is built into your core inner-being. At Heritage, we think the bike should be just as well-suited to you as the activity. You may be a novice or an expert, but either way we will build you a custom bicycle that makes you feel brand new. It may be the style that draws you in, or the idea of supporting local business, or the practical need for a sturdy custom bicycle, but any way you approach it, Heritage bicycles stand up to the test of fashion, function, and comfort. Build as many city bikes as your heart desires with our build your own bicycle design app. 

When it's time to build your custom bicycle, we keep all of our bicycle craftsmanship as close to home as possible. We work with local artisans at each step of the process. Our custom bikes are welded locally, they are painted locally, and they are assembled locally. That's not good enough for us though. We take it one step further by using high-tensile American steel to create our sleek, hearty frames. Beauty and guts. The Chicago way. The local way.

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Bikes & Coffee Tank Top
Bikes & Coffee Tank Top $20.00
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Heritage Water Bottle
Heritage Water Bottle from $12.00
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People Demand Bikes & Coffee
People Demand Bikes & Coffee $25.00
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Sahn Helmet - Collection
Sahn Helmet - Collection $144.00 $129.00
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